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International Automotive Homologation Services

Automotive / Vehicles homologation is the process of certifying whole vehicles or a particular component in a vehicle that it has satisfied the requirements set by various statutory regulatory bodies. It is mandatory to get this approval to export automobile products or components.

Through these Homologation Services, we grant approval only when the subject deem fit and in perfect compliance to the standards.

This certificate allows a product to enter a market. It starts with initial assessments followed by tests according to standards and directives, up to the preparation of substantiated technical reports to forward to the authorities in order to obtain the final approval.

We work with automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers and assist them in export homologation of Vehicles / Automotive, components to new markets, ensuring compliance with various legal and technical requirements of the specific country you would like to export to.

Automotive homologation for automobile manufacturers
The number of rules and norms applying to automobiles has increased globally due to increased emphasis on safety and environmental protection. Automobile and spare part manufacturers and suppliers have to comply with these regulations according to the destination country/ region of their product. These standards aim at improving active and passive car safety, environmental protection as well as the quality of products and production process.

International Homologation Services

Homologation Regulations & Certification

ATS Point Kanifnath Enterprise technical and homologation services makes sure that the new vehicle, system, component and technical units meet the certification requirements.

Our consultants guide you through all phases of the product cycle – from concept, to development, to volume production and certification. We closely work with major accredited bodies in the area of homologation and technical services to ensure mutual success.

Our other value addition services –

  • Type-approval process for systems, components, vehicles, and technical units
  • Certification consulting working with authorities
  • Preparation support of certification testing on accredited facilities (test bench & chassis dyno)
  • Preparation of type approval documents and process follow-up
  • Pre-test execution of all homologation relevant tests
  • Tracking and monitoring until permission is obtained

International Vehicle Homologation Service For Vehicles, Systems And Components

ATS Point Kanifnath Enterprise is a leading agency providing type approval certificates to world’s major car brands and OEMs. Export Homologation – Vehicle Type Approval For International Markets

We offer full range of automotive homologation services that help you to obtain approval for vehicles, systems and components. We work as expert homologation partner of the automotive industry. Our services include Conformity of Production (CoP) testing, technical support, homologation services for compliance to European and non-European type approvals. We assist you in the handling of complete homologation projects –  Vehicle Type Approval And Export Homologation Services.
  • Technical Advice
Our experts guide you on EU/ECE regulations, the type approval process  and all communication between your business and the government / approving          authority.
  • Documentation Verification
Check complete documentation provided by the manufacturer.
  • Preparation Of Technical Reports
Create technical reports to provide to European and non-European approval authorities.
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